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This page shares information about who you can contact for more information.

Reproductive and Sexual Health Clinics

In each state and territory of Australia there are specialised reproductive and sexual health clinics where you can access confidential health care services from clinicians who are experts in sexual and reproductive health.

Reproductive and sexual health clinics can undertake a health assessment to discuss with you which contraceptive options may best suit your situation. Some clinics have contraceptive methods available at their clinic or they may write you a prescription to collect it at a pharmacy. There will be a cost with some contraceptive methods.


Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT

New South Wales

Family Planning NSW

Northern Territory

Family Planning Welfare Association of NT


True Relationships and Reproductive Health

South Australia



Family Planning Tasmania


Family Planning Victoria

Western Australia

Sexual Health Quarters



You may need to visit a local pharmacy to pick up a contraceptive method.

Keep in mind that some contraceptive options can be ordered online with Australian based pharmacies. They can post the contraceptive to any state in Australia.

If possible, discuss your contraceptive choices with a clinician prior to ordering them online. You may also need a prescription to order specific contraceptive methods at online pharmacies.