Contraceptive Choices

Contraception doesn't need to feel like a puzzle.

Here you can explore your contraceptive choices. Browse every method available in Australia.

What works best for you will depend on your relationships, health and lifestyle. Before you visit a clinic or a chemist, think about your options. This is about your body and your health.

Do the research.
Know your contraceptive choices.

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Contraceptive Implant 99.9% Contraceptive Implant The rod, the stick, the bar Contraceptive Implant, Implanon NXT® (brand) More Hormonal Intrauterine Device (IUD) 99.8% Hormonal Intrauterine Device (IUD) IUD, Mirena, T Hormonal IUD, Mirena® (brand) More Vasectomy 99.8% Vasectomy The snip Vasectomy, sterilisation More Copper Intrauterine Device (IUD) 99.2% Copper Intrauterine Device (IUD) IUD, Copper T Mulitload Cu 375, TT380, TT380 Short More Tubal Ligation 99.5% Tubal Ligation Clips, tubes tied Female tubal ligation (laparoscopic sterilisation or mini-laparotomy), bilateral salpingectomy More Contraceptive Injection 94% Contraceptive Injection Depo, deepa, the shot, the needle Depo Medroxyprogesterone Acetate (DMPA), Depo Provera® (brand), Depo Ralovera® (brand). More Contraceptive Ring 91% Contraceptive Ring The ring, the halo Combined Vaginal Ring, Nuvaring® (brand) More Daily Combined Hormonal Contraceptive Pill 91% Daily Combined Hormonal Contraceptive Pill The pill Combined Oral Contraceptives, COC More Daily Progestogen Contraceptive Pill 91% Daily Progestogen Contraceptive Pill Mini pill Progestogen Only Pill, POP More Diaphragm 82% Diaphragm Cervical cap, hat Diaphragm, Caya® (brand) More Emergency Contraceptive Pill – LNG-EC Emergency Contraceptive Pill – LNG-EC Morning after pill Post-coital contraception, LNG-EC, Levonelle® (brand), Norlevo® (brand), Postinor® (brand) More Emergency Contraceptive Pill – UPA Emergency Contraceptive Pill – UPA Morning after pill Ulipristal Acetate (UPA), Ella One® (brand) More External Condom 82% External Condom Condom, glove, skin, rubber Male condom, penile condom More Vaginal Condom 79% Vaginal Condom Condom Female condom, Femidom® (brand) More Fertility Awareness Methods 75% to 99.6% Fertility Awareness Methods Natural Planning, Rhythm method Fertility Awareness Based Methods, Symptothermal methods, Billings method, Calendar Method More Breastfeeding Amenorrhoea Method 75% Breastfeeding Amenorrhoea Method Breastfeeding method Lactation Amenorrhoea, Postpartum Contraception More No PIV Activity - No PIV Activity Dry sex, dry humping, clothes on sex, no PIV, PIV critical, Oral sex, Anal sex Outercourse, penetrative abstinence More